Professional Asphalt Repair & Maintenance Since 1969

JB Bostick Company is an industry leader, providing professional asphalt pavement maintenance solutions for the entire state of California with offices in Roseville, CA and Anaheim, CA. If you require a dependable asphalt maintenance provider, JB Bostick Company is the company for you. After assessing your property our company can help develop budgetary costs for both short and long term pavement projects. As always estimates are free of charge!

Why you should choose JB Bostick for you next project?

We are a team of individuals dedicated to achieving the best in asphalt maintenance. We strive to provide both quality service and quality workmanship to our clients. We are committed to outstanding customer service, competitive pricing and innovative asphalt maintenance solutions. At JB Bostick Company, we take great pride in our long standing reputation among the construction industry. Our superior product knowledge and highly skilled workers are just a few reasons that we have been in business since 1969.


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