• Asphalt Overlays:

    An overlay is a new layer of asphalt over existing asphalt with varying depths.

  • Asphalt Surface Grinding:

    Asphalt grinding is used to ensure a smooth transition from new asphalt to old asphalt and/or concrete.

  • Grading:

    Surface preparation for new asphalt installation.

  • Removal and Replacement:

    Any crumbled, damaged asphalt is removed and new asphalt is installed.

  • Asphalt Skin Patching:

    A thin layer of asphalt is applied to low or raveled areas.

  • Asphalt Seal Coating:

    Your asphalt investment begins deteriorating after installation. Contributing factors include weatherelements, traffic patterns, landscaping, and ultra-violet exposure. In addition to potential legal liability,an unsightly parking lot is a direct reflection of the business owner. Seal coat is a protective sealer overexisting asphalt to prolong the life of your investment.

  • Concrete Repair:

    Repairing of concrete sidewalks, gutters, and installation of ADA handicapped ramps.

  • Petromat Fabric Overlays:

    The addition of a fabric interlayer into a pavement overlay with AR4000 hot oil as a binder can increaseoverlay life. It delays reflective cracking through the new overlay and provides a waterproof barrier forsub grade protection.

  • Striping:

    Striping of new layouts and existing layouts.

  • Specialty Projects:

    Asphalt paving at shopping centers, apartment communities and condominiums, mobile home parks,industrial parks, home owner associations, cemeteries, commercial retail and offices, churches, schools,wineries, nonprofits, golf courses and country clubs, lumber yards, retirement and assisted livingcommunities.